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19th February 2018

Why Your Business Should Trust ELAS, The Employers Legal Advice Specialists!

In The UK There Are Many ‘Experts’ Offering Employers Legal Advice. So How Do You Know Which One You Should Trust When Your Business Is Facing An Employment Law Issue?

Why Trust ELAS For Employment Advice For Employers?

At ELAS, we specialise in employers legal advice, regardless of your industry. Our team are fully trained to deliver employment advice for employers whenever your business may need it. We know the dangers and costs of taking the wrong course of action when dealing with workplace HR or employment law issues. Our team deliver expert employment law advice 24/7, ensuring that someone is always available to help you when it suits your business, not just during standard office hours.

However, we’ll also be the first to recognise that the above statement is not particularly unique. It’s basically a variation of the exact same promise every employment advice for employers specialist presents to prospective customers in an attempt to secure new business. So how are we actually different from the rest? What actually sets ELAS apart?

We Don’t Make False Promises

For starters, we don’t claim to be the cheapest option available on the market. Although it may seem counter-productive for a business to admit that they’re more expensive than some of their competitors, we see this as a positive. If you’re in need of employers legal advice then we believe you get what you pay for. So whilst we understand that some businesses may face financial restraints, the cheapest option won’t necessarily offer the best service. There will always be some kind of a trade off when taking the lowest cost employment advice. This could mean you’ll be stuck with long or delayed response times. You may spend hours on hold waiting to speak to an advisor. They may not be available outside of normal office hours. The advice provided could even cause further issues for your business. But these are the risks you take when only considering the cheapest available employment advice for employers.

With ELAS, you get what you pay for. High quality employment law advice, from experienced legal professionals at a competitive price. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer the correct advice whenever you need it, whatever the issue.

You’ll Deal With Your Advisor

Another thing that we believe sets us apart is the fact when you come on board with ELAS, you’ll be allocated an employment law advisor and wherever possible, they’ll be the only person you deal with. However, if your advisor is unavailable for any reason (if they’re on paid, sick or parental leave, for example) you can rest assured that whoever you deal with in their absence will still be able to offer the same quality advice that you’re accustomed to.

Unlike some of our competitors who are happy for their customers to never speak to the same advisor, we believe our advisors should build relationships with our customers. This saves your business time and money as you don’t have to explain the history of a particular case every time you speak to someone and it also saves us time and money for the same reasons. Another advantage of this approach is that your advisor will have a full understanding of your business and may be able to recognise any patterns in employment issues, potentially allowing you to implement the correct internal changes to prevent small issues from escalating into full blown HR nightmares. Plus, it’s always nice to have a familiar voice at the end of the phone, even if it’s just to blow off some steam!

We’ll Check Up On Your Business, We Don’t Wait For You To Call Us

For every customer that comes to ELAS seeking employment advice for employers, we make several basic promises. We promise to deliver the correct HR and employment law advice you need, when you need it most. We promise that the advice we provide, when followed correctly, will protect your business from falling foul of any employment legislation. And we promise not just to be here when you call us as we provide customer care visits and calls to all our customers.

This means that your advisor or a member of our customer care team will be in touch at regular intervals to see how you business is doing and see if there is anything we can help you with. This could be around annual legislative changes (e.g. end of annual tax year), providing advance notice of any large scale changes that could affect your business (e.g. Brexit) or just a quick call to see how you’re getting on. We believe that by being pro-active in our approach to helping your business, we are able to resolve small issues before they escalate. By providing our clients with customer care visits and calls, we provide you with an opportunity to discuss whatever you want, regardless of whether you believe it’s a big problem.

Still Not Convinced That ELAS Are The Right Partner For Your Business?

We understand! You’ve probably read multiple articles and service pages that make the same (or similar) claims. You can’t just make a snap decision with something this important. That’s why we offer a FREE CONSULTATION for all prospective customers. To take advantage of your FREE CONSULTATION or to find just speak to a member of our team, call us today on 0161 785 2000 or complete the contact form, provide as much information as possible and one of our team will get back to you as soon as they can!


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