Health and safety
5th October 2016

We came across this fun article from the HSE listing their top 10 worst health and safety myths – how many have you heard?

  1. Children being banned from playing conkers unless they are wearing goggles
  2. Office workers being banned from putting up Christmas decorations
  3. Trapeze artists being ordered to wear hard hats
  4. Pin the tail on the donkey games being deemed a health and safety risk
  5. Candy floss on a stick being banned in case people trip and impale themselves
  6. Hanging baskets being banned in case people bump their heads on them
  7. Schoolchildren being ordered to wear clip on ties in case they are choked by traditional neckwear
  8. Park benches must be replaced because they are three inches too low
  9. Flip flops being banned from the workplace
  10. Graduates ordered not to throw their mortar boards in the air

While health and safety can often be ridiculed or blamed for far-fetched decisions, used correctly it can help prevent workplace accidents and injury, saving businesses money, time and protecting their reputation.

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