10th August 2017

Is Workplace Discrimination An Issue In Google?

Employee Causes Workplace Discrimination Controversy A Google employee who wrote a controversial memo about workplace diversity has been fired for...

3rd August 2017

Sexual Discrimination And The Modern Workplace

Is Sexual Discrimination Still An Issue In The Modern Workplace? The newly elected opposition leader in New Zealand has...

28th March 2017

Daily Mail ‘Legs-It’ Outrage

‘Who Won Legs-it!’ Headline Draws Scorn Two of the most powerful people in the UK met yesterday to discuss...

26th January 2017

Government Strengthening Pregnancy Discrimination Laws

Pregnancy Discrimination; Is Enough Currently Being Done? The government is considering strengthening the laws against pregnancy discrimination for new...

7th October 2016

Recruitment Agency Under Fire For ‘Cup Size’ Ad

London- based recruitment agency Matching Models is under fire after advertising jobs for ‘attractive’ women, in some cases even...

31st August 2016

Workplace Pregnancy Discrimination On The Rise!

A report by the Women and Equalities Committee has called for ‘urgent action’ to protect new and expectant mothers...


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