16th June 2017

Unique considerations for fire risk assessments in high rise buildings

Fire Risk Assessments The tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in London has raised serious concerns about fire safety in...

25th January 2017

High Heels And Health And Safety

In light of today’s Parliamentary recommendation that employers do more to prevent dress code discrimination in the workplace, ELAS...

19th July 2016

Don’t Leave Your Staff To Boil In The Heatwave!

As the mercury rises, workers across the country struggle to cope and employers are looking for ways to keep...

14th June 2016

Is Long Term Absence On The Rise?

A survey conducted by EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, shows that long term absence is continuing to increase and programmes...

8th June 2016

How Do I Support An Employee During Ramadan?

With Ramadan having started on Monday, we take a look at how employers can support their employees throughout the...


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