17th August 2017

Government publishes latest name and shame list of minimum wage offenders

The Government has published its latest list of employers who failed to pay National Minimum Wage and National Living...

1st May 2017

Ask Your Expert – National Minimum Wage

Do I Now Need To Start Paying My Staff The National Minimum Wage Or Living Wage For ‘Sleep In’...

1st March 2017

Ask Your Expert – National Living Wage Increase

What Is The National Living Wage Going Up To And Are There Any Other Increases That I Need To...

21st February 2017

Is Naming & Shaming Always Fair?

Bakers Forced To Cough Up The Dough Following on from our article regarding the government’s naming and shaming of...

16th February 2017

More Employers Not Paying National Minimum Wage

Another List Has Been Released Naming And Shaming Companies Who Fail To Pay The National Minimum Wage The government has...

1st April 2016

2016 Employment Law Changes – How Are You Affected?

Sick Pay, Maternity Pay and the National Living Wage: What’s going to change? In spring 2016, the Government is...


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