25th January 2017

High Heels And Health And Safety

In light of today’s Parliamentary recommendation that employers do more to prevent dress code discrimination in the workplace, ELAS...

25th January 2017

Dress Code Discrimination In The Workplace

The Verdict Is In…. A Parliamentary committee has recommended a change in the law regarding dress code discrimination in...

5th October 2016

Top 10 Health And Safety Myths

We came across this fun article from the HSE listing their top 10 worst health and safety myths –...

9th August 2016

Pokemon Go: Fad App Or Serious Distraction In The Workplace?

A recent Vox poll found that more than 40% of the adults who downloaded the Pokemon app are older...

19th July 2016

Don’t Leave Your Staff To Boil In The Heatwave!

As the mercury rises, workers across the country struggle to cope and employers are looking for ways to keep...


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