20th July 2017

Looking Deeper Into The BBC Pay Gap

What Does The Gender Pay Gap Mean? Enrique Garcia, employment law consultant for the ELAS Group, takes a deeper look...

19th July 2017

BBC Gender Pay Gap Report

BBC Facing Gender Pay Gap Backlash? In order to comply with the Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations, as well as...

1st June 2017

Ask Your Expert – Gender Pay Gap Reporting

I Have Heard That Some Companies Need To Publish Information About The Gender Pay Gap In Their Organisation –...

20th March 2017

Legislative Changes Take Effect On 1st April 2017 – Is Your Business Ready?

Emma O’Leary, employment law consultant for the ELAS Group, takes a look at the changes in legislation which affect...

13th October 2016

Employment Law Changes – Autumn 2016

October 2016 the Government will introduce several employment law reforms including changes to current legislation concerning the National Minimum...

1st April 2016

2016 Employment Law Changes – How Are You Affected?

Sick Pay, Maternity Pay and the National Living Wage: What’s going to change? In spring 2016, the Government is...


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