10th July 2017

Cancer Tribunal Award

An employment tribunal has awarded a woman £50,000 compensation after her former employers accused her of not doing ‘a...

14th February 2017

Disability Discrimination

Is Disability Discrimination Still An Issue? Citizens Advice Cymru has released information which they say shows many people with...

7th November 2016

One in Five Cancer Patients Feel Discriminated Against In The Workplace

A survey released by cancer charity Macmillan says that one-fifth of people diagnosed with cancer face discrimination from employers...

16th August 2016

How To Deal With Threatening Job Applications?

Fairness in the workplace is a vital part of a successful business and UK legislation is clear: all employees...

13th May 2016

Jonas Gutierrez Disability Discrimination Tribunal Serves As A Warning To All Employers

Don’t Make The Same Mistake Football player Jonas Gutierrez recently won his disability discrimination claim against Newcastle United FC...


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