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Food Hygiene Ratings

Do you know what your current food hygiene rating is?

How integral are food hygiene rating to your business?

If your business scored a low food hygiene rating, would you turn to a food safety company for help and support?

Current Food Safety Supplier (assuming they have one)

Who is in charge of food safety within your business?

Does your business employ the services of a food safety company, if so what company?

How did you get introduced to this company?

What was the deciding factor of using this company?

If you don’t currently, would you consider outsourcing your food safety to a 3rd party consultancy or would you prefer to rely on your EHO?

Have you heard of any other food safety companies?

Food Safety Support

What would be your motivator when wanting a food safety company to assist your business?

What factors are important to you when choosing a company to outsource your food safety to?

How much would you consider paying for food safety advice/support?

Out of the below services, which do you feel you would need help and support with?

Would you be more inclined to employ a food safety company who also offers other business support services? Which services would you be interested in:

How integral is technology – such as a cloud based compliance portal - within the food industry?


What would be the best method to market to someone, like you, in the food industry?

With being in such a fast paced environment, do you pay attention to any email marketing you receive?

Would food safety seminars be of interest to your business?


Do your staff attend regular food safety training? If so which provider do you use?

Would you prefer bespoke courses?


Have you heard of STS before?

Have you heard of the ELAS Group before?

What is your initial impression of STS and ELAS based on the collateral in front of you?

Are there any areas where you think we can improve our branding?

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