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10th February 2017

Is It Ok To Send A Rejection Letter By Text?

How do you let potential employees know if they have been successful in their application or not?

One restaurant is under fire after reportedly texting a rejection to a woman who had applied for a waitressing role. The BBC reports that Megan Dixon was texted “It’s a no x” shortly after an interview at Miller and Carter in Leicestershire, quickly followed by another text which read “Just not engaging. And answers we’re “like” basic x” including the crying emoji. The restaurant has apologised, saying the texts were intended for the manager rather than the candidate.

Pam Rogerson is HR Director for the ELAS Group. She says: “In the current age of social media we have unfortunately seen a trend towards communicating via emojis, text speak and slang. Texting is a very popular method of communication however the key here is SOCIAL not business!

“Whilst this case clearly seems to have been a communication between work colleagues which was accidentally sent to the wrong person, it is clear that some organisations do communicate in this way – even President Trump advocates social media as his method of choice. Job interviews are a formal setting and, therefore, unless text has been agreed as the method of communication then e-mail is more business appropriate. Even if it has been agreed that a company will notify a candidate via text then a properly drafted text should be used rather than one containing emojis.”


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