Fire Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Why Does Your Business Need a Fire Risk Assessment?

UK law requires all businesses to conduct a fire risk assessment. Most businesses consider it best practice to review their fire risk assessment annually. As a business owner you should also have a fire safety policy to detail what procedures are in place to reduce the risk of fire and promote safety.

All business owners should be aware that there is no escaping fire safety legislation and the penalties can be severe. In addition to paying any financial penalty, you would also need to make the stated changes!

Why Should You Trust ELAS to Complete Your Fire Risk Assessment?

At ELAS we are committed to helping your business create a safer workplace for you and your employees. As fire risk assessment experts we ensure that each fire risk assessment is personalised and site specific for your business, no matter how many locations you have. We will also provide you with an accurate account of your current fire safety arrangements and recommend any improvements you should make. Additionally, we will also supply your business with any additional fire safety advice you may need.

Our fire safety consultants will recommend any additional measures you need to take to reduce the risk of fire. This is extremely important for businesses in either high rise buildings or shared office spaces. As a result, we’ll ensure that all of your employees are fully trained and aware of your evacuation procedure. We also provide advice and health & safety training to ensure your employees know what to do in the event of a fire.

Keeping Your Business Compliant and Future Proof

Our team of fire safety consultants will conduct an annual review of your fire risk assessment. This helps to ensure the continued safety of your business and your employees.

Make sure that your businesses fire risk assessment is up to date and compliant with all the latest legislation. Call our experts today on 0161 785 2000 for your free consultation.