Employersafe: Personnel

Employersafe Personnel

What Is Employersafe: Personnel?

Our personnel software was the very first of its kind. Employersafe: Personnel identifies and warns you when your business may be facing HR risks, automatically highlighting any concerns that need to be addressed by categorising them according to our traffic light system.


  • Identifies and warns you of any HR risks within your business and advises you of any preventative and remedial action you must take
  • Instant reminders of any outstanding HR tasks and calendar dates, such as probationary reviews, so you are always one step ahead
  • Traffic light system – red light means issues are extremely urgent whilst green means you have no issues at present
  • Employee training profiles allow you to easily manage the training needs of your employees


  • Streamline and simplify your HR processes
  • Peace of mind thanks to 24/7 advice and support from our HR and employment law team
  • Real time visibility and reporting allowing you to take action before major issues arise
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Saves you and your business time and money
  • Helps ensure you and your business are compliant and alone step ahead of all HR processes and procedures
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