CDM Regulations

Health and safety

CDM Regulations – Is Your Business Compliant?

The CDM Regulations 2015 govern the way construction projects of all sizes and types are planned, placing legal duties on all those involved in a construction project which are enforceable by criminal law.

The CDM regulations introduce strict liability for the client; in particular for the performance of the duty-holders they appoint to carry out the work. The implications for businesses are much more profound. Responsibility for health and safety management in construction lies with business owners, which could lead to legal action.

ELAS will also work with you to ensure that all your construction projects are run safely and efficiently in line with all health and safety regulations, with clear and precise policies in place for your employees and contractors.

We provide all the help and advice you need to ensure your business remains compliant under the CDM¬†Regulations 2015. Let our experts do the heavy lifting, leaving you to carry out all your construction projects knowing you’re also protected.

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