Use Of Fire Extinguishers

Fire Safety

How Do You Correctly Use A Fire Extinguisher?

At ELAS we understand that no two businesses are the same, and the same applies to fires. Different types of fires require a different type of fire extinguisher.

As part of our comprehensive fire safety management system we ensure that your employees are aware of the differences, know which fire extinguisher is suitable for each type of fire and give them practical hands on experience.

At ELAS we believe in going the extra step to provide the best possible service to our clients. While other companies might use some burning petrol in a tray, we have specialist fire simulation equipment. This can simulate Class A (paper, wood etc.), Class B (burning liquids) and Class C (gas) fires.

All participants on our fire training courses get to really work at putting a fire out in a meaningful way. This gives them the confidence to know how to respond should they be confronted by fire but in a very safe and controlled environment – and they usually have a great time doing it.

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