Fire Safety Management Training

Fire Safety

Do Your Staff Need Fire Safety Management Training?

Whether you’re looking for general fire safety training or more specific fire safety management training courses, at ELAS we have you covered. Our expert trainers travel the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland, delivering a wide variety of fire safety management training courses at client’s premises, as well as open courses for members of the general public.

Why Is Fire Safety Management Training Important?

Should a fire break out within your business, your first priority is to quickly and safely evacuate your staff from the premises. However, you can never guarantee that everyone will be aware of your evacuation procedures. Similarly, in the event of an emergency situation people may forget your fire safety procedures. That is why having a regular fire safety management training programme in place is so important. Whether you are training your nominated fire wardens, management team of other staff it’s important they are aware of their roles should a fire break out. Regularly conducting mandatory fire safety training sessions for your staff ensures that in the event of a fire, they’re prepared.

That’s why at ELAS we believe that fire safety training should be both informative and, most of all, fun! In the event of a fire, your staff are more likely to recall their training if they enjoyed it. That’s why we only allow fully qualified experts to run our fire safety management training courses. Because, in the event of a fire, the safety of your business is our priority.

Some of the fire safety management training courses we currently offer include:

To find out more about any of our training courses, call our expert fire safety team on 0161 785 2000