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Employment Law

Are Your Employment Contracts Compliant With Current Employment Law Legislation?

Employment contracts are complex and can easily lead to misunderstandings if the information contained within is misleading. Contracts form the basis of any relationship between an employer and employee so it’s crucial that they are implemented correctly.

Our team of employment law specialists are here to assist you with all potential areas of contention. Your designated consultant will create, manage and review your employment contracts. They will also help ensure your business remains compliant with ever-changing legislation.

Employment Contracts Documentation

Having the right documentation in place makes every stage of an employee’s journey through employment as straightforward as possible. So, from person specification forms and employee induction handbooks, all the way through to exit interview forms, we’ll help you build a bespoke frame work of documentation which is suitable for any eventuality.

Keeping you in the Loop

Employment contracts legislation is constantly changing which means standard practices can be redundant in a matter of moments, leaving your business at risk. ELAS’s experts also provide you with regular updates, monthly communications and informative newsletters– keeping you up to date with the very latest legislation, offering guidance and support on all employment law changes that you need to know about and keeping you fully compliant.

To find out more call our specialist employment law team on 0161 785 2000 for a free consultation.