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17th May 2018

Finding Employment Advice Online vs Using An Employers Advice Helpline

In 2018, how we access information is constantly evolving. Since Google burst onto the scene offering the first search engine which promised to find the best answer for any enquiry, businesses have become more and more reliant on finding employment advice online to help them resolve internal employment law issues. But is this the best solution? Should businesses still be reliant on older solutions like an employers advice helpline?

The Benefits Of Finding Employment Advice Online

When your business is facing employment law issues, it’s incredibly easy to find employment advice online. In fact, given the dearth of websites, blogs, news articles and social media posts relating to employment law issues, it’s dangerously easy to find the wrong employment advice online!

The internet gives us access to a 24/7 knowledge bank, with detailed answers for literally any question you may have. No matter what issue your business is facing, you are guaranteed to find 100’s of companies claiming that they have the exact solution that you need and in some way, shape or form, they all will. If you’re not looking for a legal company to resolve your issues, then you’ll likely find someone who has written a blog or social article about how they handled a similar issue to yours. That’s the beauty of seeking employment advice online. You’re never provided with just a single resolution or interpretation. Someone, somewhere has faced a similar issue and they’re telling you how they handled it or you’ll find an employment law specialist offering the exact solution you need.

The Benefits Of Using An Employers Advice Helpline

Although using an employers advice helpline may seem old fashioned, there are several major benefits over just finding the answer online.

Most employers advice helpline services offer some level of indemnity, meaning that as long as you follow their advice, you’re business is covered! This removes any stress from you as a business owner, because you know that no matter what employment law issues you’re facing, you’ve got someone fighting your corner who’s just a phone call away. Your business will also benefit from the years of experience available from the many solicitors and employment law experts. The likelihood is that no matter what kind of employment law issues you’re experiencing, they will have encountered it previously and will know exactly what you need to do. Having that level of expertise available to you, when you need it most is invaluable.

So, What’s The Best Fit For Your Business?

Like most businesses, you’ll doubtless want to partner with a company who can offer you the best of both worlds. A trove on online resources that will help guide you to resolving the most basic of employment law issues whilst offering a knowledgeable, professional employers advice helpline. That’s what we believe makes ELAS stand out from every other employment law specialist. Our dedicated team of employment law specialists are on hand 24/7 to help you resolve your issues. If you need to speak with someone, our advisors are always available and along with the wealth of related news articles & whitepapers, we also provide the option for you to chat with us online.

So whatever employment law issues you’re dealing with, why not give the ELAS team a call today on 0161 785 2000


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