It’s not just hospitals and doctor’s waiting rooms where you could contract the flu virus. In office environments, it can be very easy to pick up the flu virus from colleagues and equipment. You might share a desk with a colleague, both use the same phone, borrow a pencil here, open a door for someone there. It’s almost impossible to avoid contact with everyone in the office, so how can you combat contracting illnesses?

HR Advisor at ELAS, Ann Wiggins, details what you should do to stop the spread of germs around the office.

“It’s that time of year when the inevitable cold or flu makes it’s appearance, however there are considerations to be made to keep the effects of this to a minimum. When working in an open plan office, with air conditioning, and hot desks it makes it very challenging to stop the spread of these contagious illnesses, however if you are conscientious of this and follow some simple steps you can reduce the risk:

  • Sneezing into a tissue and putting it into the bin
  • Using hand sanitizer regularly
  • Using anti-bacterial wipes on keyboards / mice / phones at the end of the day so the next person has a clean desk to work from

For more information on how to stop the spread of flu around the office and how to protect your workplace from illness, contact our team.