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2nd December 2016

How important is the ethics of a company? Businesses these days are paying more attention to corporate social responsibility but does it actually make a difference? HR News reports that a new survey by AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) found that 36% would rather work for a company that paid more rather than one whose morals they agreed with.

Consultant Jackie Emery takes a look at how being an ethical company can help you attract and retain top quality employees.

These days with the high costs of living, many employees are willing to work for companies with little or no ethics particularly those who offer a higher rate of pay in order so that they can afford to live. Some may choose to work for them knowing that they will not be challenged by the company providing that they hit the targets/work rate required by the employer.  However, these companies are at a higher risk of having claims brought against them by employees, low production rates or employees exploiting the company due to the lack of ethics, or the behaviour of the management team.

In many cases there are no consequences for employees who behave inappropriately either by spending work time on personal affairs, calling in sick when they aren’t or simply exploiting the company.  In our experience this is usually because the employer either doesn’t understand what is happening; isn’t willing or is too frightened to deal with these employees, particularly those who might challenge their employer.  Many companies have little or no knowledge of current employment law and the ways in which they can deal with these employees effectively.  Some companies are more concerned with profit than dealing with their team, particularly if the employees are very domineering and willing to voice their opinions. This can lead to no consequences for employees who abuse the system or strong management ethics, as seen in this new study where staff are actually admitting openly that this is happening.

Behaviour besets behaviour and if the management team doesn’t adhere to the ethics of a company and lead by example then the employees are likely to behave in the same way.  When this is the case, the company becomes dysfunctional and there will be low morale within the workforce.

Every company should have a strong ethical policy in place which is adhered to by everyone. It is simply not good enough just to have a statement/policy in place to tick a box or one that just the employees are expected to follow.


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