British Parliament
9th June 2017

Where Does The General Election Leave Us?

The 2017 UK General Election has resulted in a hung Parliament with no single party holding a majority. This means that the passing of laws will have to be achieved through the brokering of deals or the formation of a coalition – much like the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition of 2010-2015.

Enrique Garcia is a consultant for ELAS specialising in employment law. He takes a look at what this result means for businesses.

At this early point, it’s not yet clear what deals could be formed and what concessions need to be made to forge a deal, or even if there will be a deal at all. Whilst it is likely that the Conservatives will seek the support of the DUP in Northern Ireland, it is not clear at present whether this will be a coalition or if the DUP will choose to support, or not support, the Conservatives on a vote-by-vote basis in the House of Commons. There is also the chance that the Conservatives will attempt to go it alone, forming a minority government. Likewise, Labour has already said that they are ready to form a minority government if the Conservatives are unable to do so. If it becomes clear that the Conservatives are unable to form a government and Theresa May resigns, then Jeremy Corbyn will become the prime minister.

Parliament is due to meet for the first time on 13th June so the Conservatives will need to have a plan in place by then. The next big date is 19th June, the date that Brexit talks are supposed to start as well as the Queen’s Speech. This is the big test that will show if the government has enough votes to get its programme of proposed new laws passed.

Accordingly, it is unclear what this means for business and employment law.  It is not clear what policies the Conservatives will need to drop in order to get the DUP on side or whether they will continue their policies in full and hope to garner support from other parties in order to squeeze them through Parliament.  Despite the political excitement as how this will pan out, for business and employment law the future is uncertain and quite literally anything can happen.

Watch this space.

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