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Here at ELAS we offer employment law advice, which adheres to the ACAS Code of Practice, specifically for employers like you. You can rest assured that the advice from our employment law experts has been specifically designed to help your business. This allows you to focus on the key issues affecting your day to day operations.

Whatever you need, from workplace disciplinary to grievance advice, our employment law experts are ready to provide the help you need to allow you to get back to running your business. Because our advice is based upon the ACAS Code of Practice, you know it’s advice you can trust. And all advice is delivered with the minimal fuss as you’d expect from ELAS Business Support.

Our team of employment law experts are here to help you!

At ELAS we don’t make false service promises and leave you stuck in an endless telephone queue; our Employment Law experts are here to help you when you need us most. That’s why so many companies come to ELAS when they need help with employment law issues. They know that our employment law experts provide a truly unrivaled service that’s available 24/7! Whether you need employment law advice or tribunal representation, you can be sure that our qualified employment law experts are here for you. We handle the issues that would otherwise leave your business vulnerable, in a quick and professional manner.

Our process of taking statements, briefing witnesses and in-depth case by case research gives us an unparalleled success rate. So you’ll know that when you’ve got an employment law issue, we’ve got you covered.

Saving you time, worry and money…

In addition to saving you time and resolving business issues, our employment law experts will save your business money. When it comes to matters such as conflict, absence, maternity, discrimination or any other employment law matter experience counts, and we’re always just a call away, no matter when you need us. If your issue can be resolved without a costly tribunal, then our service has paid for itself!

To get your free consultation, based on the ACAS Code of Practice today, call our employment law experts now on 0845 680 0628 or complete the contact form for a callback.

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