20th March 2017

Businesses Told Brexit Process Doesn’t Mean Immediate Changes Expected

Prime Minister Theresa May has announced that she will trigger Article 50 on Wednesday 29th March, starting the two year process of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. While there is a lot of uncertainty ahead as the country’s Brexit process is negotiated, ELAS legal services manager Geoff Isherwood says, for now, it is business as usual.

He says: “During the Brexit process all current laws and regulations will remain in place. Britain remains a member of the EU for now and businesses should continue to comply with all current legislation. It’s undeniable that the UK landscape will alter and everyone will be affected by the change once we do leave the EU but, remember, this is a two year long transition not an immediate break.

“It’s very unlikely that the UK will simply repeal all EU related employment law as to do so would cause a state of chaos. We advise all businesses to stay up to speed with any changes to legislation, particularly those which originated from EU regulations, in order to stay compliant. Both the government and UK businesses will want to avoid the legal and commercial chaos that could come from simply repealing current laws. The transition will require enormous negotiation and a gradual repealing and restructuring of any laws which are less favourable to the UK.

“While there are uncertain times ahead there is no need to panic. If in doubt, seek advice to ensure you and your business remains compliant.”

**ELAS’s legal experts can help businesses understand the implications of any legal changes stemming from the UK’s vote to leave the EU.



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