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17th May 2016

We provide a range of musculoskeletal services for our clients and employees. These can be used as stand-alone services, or in combination with other occupational health services. They are designed to promote rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions, facilitate return to normal duties within the workplace or proactively manage musculoskeletal risks.

ART Assessments

Repetitive tasks are made up of a series of upper limb actions, typically of short duration, which are repeated frequently and almost always use the same movement. We have provided a number of these ART assessments to clients across the UK, from across a broad spectrum of industries. Our consultants will attend site and undertake ART assessments, leaving you with a comprehensive report detailing any actions you need to take. These ART assessments are often undertaken as part of wider ergonomic assessments and training programmes, helping our clients reduce the risks associated with repetitive tasks and reducing absences amongst the workforce due to musculoskeletal problems.

Ergonomic reviews

Ergonomics is broadly defined as the relationship between the employee and the working environment. It seeks to maximise the design of working activities and/or work station around the employee.

Our ergonomic reviews can be used as stand-alone assessments, or in conjunction with our training department to provide an holistic approach to risk management tailored to each clients operations including:

  • Identification of compliance issues
  • Prevention of musculoskeletal problems
  • Improvements in productivity
  • Reduction of work aggravated conditions

In the majority of cases, we have found that the benefits of ergonomic reviews include all of the above.

Our consultants will produce a detailed report identifying where improvements can be made.


Our training department work closely with our occupational health team to develop bespoke training programmes, helping employees understand personal risk factors and prevent injuries. Clients have found that the courses we developed for their teams and worksites were key in increasing engagement across the workforce and improving health and safety.

Examples of our courses include:

  • Driver training
  • Driving the workstation
  • Workstation assessments
  • The importance of posture for call centre workers and
  • Manual handling for people that do not undertake manual tasks

Our team are adept at developing a range of training materials in a wide range of health related subjects.

Managing Absences

Our approach to managing absences means that we can call upon a range of experts, including occupational health physicians or advisors, osteopath and podiatry specialists, orthopaedic specialists, occupational therapists or physiotherapists , thereby ensuring  we provide the best expertise for each individual and service requirement.

Our return to work reports can help guide managers on fitness to work, underlying musculoskeletal conditions and any possible restrictions. They are also benefit the individual employee as we can discuss ways for them to manage any conditions more effectively, aid their rehabilitation and answer any questions that they may have about their condition.


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