Spring daffodils
27th March 2017

Workplace Absence Rates Increase During The First Week Of Spring

A combination of beautiful weather, the clocks going forward and last night’s England match have led to an increase in workplace absences today. The absence management specialist ELAS Group has seen a marked difference in the number of people calling in sick today when compared to the last couple of Mondays.

As of 10am today, more people have called in sick than did by this time on National Sickie Day, which this year fell on 6th February. More people have also called out sick so far today than did for the whole day on Monday 13th March.

Jacob Demeza-Wilkinson, employment law consultant for the ELAS Group, says: “Today we’ve seen the perfect storm of conditions which has led to a rise in absenteeism – when you combine a Monday morning with the day after a big match, then throw in the beautiful weather we have been having where the UK has been as warm as Spain or Portugal, then it can be tempting for employees to decide they would rather not go to work.

“We always see higher absence rates on Mondays but today it has been particularly noticeable. Whether employees drank too much over the weekend or simply wanted to enjoy an extra day in the sun, as far as employers are concerned there’s simply no excuse for pulling a sickie.

“It is acceptable to challenge employees on their levels of absence, or the reasons given for absence if you feel they may not be genuine. Look for employees who seem to have more Mondays off than any other day of the week and speak to them. Use of the Bradford Factor or smart software can help identify patterns, for example our Absence Assist software has been proven to reduce our clients’ absentee rates by up to 62%.”


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