Business support

“Further to the hearing and lung function tests conducted by your company in April, I thought you might like to know the outcome for one of our employees. The testing showed that the employee had hearing loss in both ears. He saw his GP who referred him for a repeat test which confirmed the diagnosis. He has now been fitted with hearing aids and is very happy with his upgraded hearing. He commented to me that without the testing he would have carried on struggling to hear!”

Clean Air Ltd


“Your individual advisors have been impeccable in their assistance, which I am sure has saved us many thousands of pounds and hours that could have been the result of tribunals if we had not had the advice of ELAS.”

Quorndon Care Ltd


“When faced with the increasing amount of legislation that is involved with employment law, it is easy to panic and not know which way to turn; it is reassuring to know that help is only a phone call away. Whether it is a minor query to put our minds at rest or more drawn out problems, ELAS has helped us every step of the way. It is nice to know that the assistance and support is there whenever we require it from a professional and courteous team.”

Isolated Systems Ltd


“I appreciate the professional service that ELAS has shown to us. I am grateful for the follow up calls that you have made to ensure that the service is working for us. It is very encouraging that your company shows such consideration to its clients.”

Whitehouse Retail Ltd


“ELAS’s health and safety guidance and support has been invaluable in guiding us through the minefield of legislation, enabling us to become fully compliant and therefore providing us with a safe working environment for our staff and customers.”

David Horn Communications


“As a small practice, we do not have a HR department; therefore it is essential that businesses such as ours have access to employment law expertise and knowledge provided in a reliable, friendly, understanding manner. Your team met and exceeded our expectations.”

The New Folly Surgery


“We have been very impressed with your professional and constructive approach to health and safety matters. Our twice yearly visits are always helpful and constructive, especially when your advisors have worked within the engineering industry, and understand what we do and how we do it.”

Browning’s Motor Repairs and Mechanical Engineering


“Our experience with your health and safety service has been extremely positive. The visits and site inspections by a fresh pair of eyes have been invaluable, the responsiveness from your consultants has been exceptional and, no matter what question we ask, we always receive a sensible and practical solution by email and telephone. Your realistic and practical support has really helped us out.”

Swavesey Village College


“We have no regrets with signing up with ELAS, as we had previously been using an alternative provider and found that we were being told what we couldn’t do, not would we could.”

Hungry House Sandwiches


“Whenever I hear of private, public or third sector colleagues experiencing employment problems, I make a point of recommending ELAS.”



“Even though I am a trained barrister and attorney, it is impossible for me to keep up to date with the legislative changes and procedural updates. This is where ELAS comes into its own.”

Vanguard fixings


EmployerSafe has assisted us in improving our disciplinary procedures ensuring each step of the process is completed and all avenues covered prior to any disciplinary action being taken, along with the employee attendance / absence reports and the automatic calculation of the Bradford factor.”