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Business support

Who Are ELAS Business Support?

ELAS Business Support has been operating throughout the UK since 1996.

At ELAS we provide business support to over 10,000 companies across the UK. We also provide every client with a bespoke solution designed to fit their exact business needs.

Over the years, ELAS has grown in size to offer a comprehensive range of business support services. We’re proud of our ability to understand the ever changing needs of businesses and our commitment to evolve sets us apart.

As part of The ELAS Group, we work in conjunction with Sound Advice Safety and Health, STS Solutions, Occupational Medicals and also HSMC. With our dependable and innovative approach to business, we are proud to place specialist Employment Law, Health and Safety, Occupational Health, Health Surveillance, Accredited Training Courses and Absence Management solutions under our ELAS umbrella; protecting you from any difficulties that may rain on your business.

At ELAS it is simple; we create bespoke business solutions to work around you.

Call us today on 0161 785 2000 and let us help you make the pieces fit.