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Business Training And Employee Training Courses

Investing in employee training and business training is crucial to maximising productivity and ensuring a competent and compliant workforce.

As leading providers of employee training, our comprehensive courses provide engaging, interactive and informative content ensuring you gain the most from our training courses.

Whatever your business training needs, we can create a solution that is designed to suit you.

From Fire Marshal and Manual Handling training right up to Level 2 Emergency first aid, we provide expert guidance and training in all areas of First Aid, Health and Safety and Employment Law.

We understand no two businesses are the same and its individuals may require various levels of business training and support. Our ability to create a tailor made, bespoke courses ensures your needs are met.

All of our business training courses can be carried out at either our head office, at your premises or at a suitable independent facility.

Why choose ELAS for employee training?

Our approachable experts create a relaxed and informal learning experience helping you to reduce risk and develop a safer working environment.

To find out more about how ELAS can support your business, please call our specialist team for a free consultation 0161 785 2000 or complete the contact form