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Around half of medium-sized enterprise (SME) owners do not understand what auto enrolment is and, just as seriously, 82% do not know the rough cost
of auto enrolment for their companies.

That’s where we can help!.

By considering ELAS payroll solutions as your payroll bureau:

  • We guarantee we’ll beat all other payroll companies on price
  • There will be no hidden charges
  • There are no set up fees either

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Payroll outsourcing can prove beneficial to your organisation as mistakes can be very expensive to rectify. If your staff are paid the wrong amount, paid late, or tax is calculated incorrectly, it could end up costing you time as well as money to sort the issue out. Whats more, failure to comply with auto enrolment will result in a £400 penalty followed by an escalating daily fine of between £50 and £10,000, depending on the number of employees.

Making Auto- Enrolment simple!

With a professional, trusted partner like ELAS, managing and administering aspects like payroll calculations, contributions, opt outs and and paperwork, you can be sure to get it right every time. Whether it’s complex deductions, variable hours, weekly and monthly paid staff, our expert payroll services team can help.

How outsourcing payroll can take a weight off your hands.

As one of the leading payroll companies in the UK, we can also email, print or post your payslips, taking a time-consuming task off your desk to allow you to concentrate on more rewarding business activity. Just let us know your payroll requirements and we’ll tailor a package specifically for your business – from just £1.25 per employee.

ELAS can become your one-stop shop for all your payroll outsourcing needs, acting as your payroll bureau and helping you devote your time towards other key areas of the business.