Vibration Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment

What Is A Vibration Risk Assessment?

The Control of Vibration Regulations 2005 requires employers to assess the risks employees may face from vibration and set out specific limits which must not be exceeded.

A vibration monitoring risk assessment can help you assess the measures you should have in place to ensure the health and safety of any of your employees who are exposed to vibration, whether it’s hand/arm or whole body vibration.

An ELAS consultant will come to your workplace to assess the risks your employees face from vibration. They will provide you with a full report documenting the exposure of each employee, along with the actuation values of each tool. We will compare your readings against the limits set out in the vibration regulations and provide an action plan based on these findings, along with a breakdown of which of your employees require health surveillance, and those of your employees who are at particular risk.

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