Organisational Culture

Health and safety

How Can You Improve Your Organisational Culture?

Promoting a positive health and safety culture should be an integral part of any company. An organisation’s culture and, in particular, their health and safety culture influences human behaviour, performance at work and, ultimately, the safety of others.

At ELAS we believe that it is simply not enough for a company to provide their employees with safe working equipment; it’s just as important to foster a culture that encourages a healthy, safe and supportive working environment.

Our consultants will work with you to create a positive health and safety culture within your business, including:

  • Creating safe working practices and rules for effectively controlling hazards
  • Creating a positive attitude towards risk management and health and safety
  • Gaining the knowledge needed to learn from accidents and near misses, whilst also bringing about continual improvement

Many companies instill a positive health and safety culture within their employees; however we often find that managerial departments are overlooked. At ELAS we incorporate all levels of employees from managers to part time workers.

The creation of a positive health and safety culture doesn’t happen overnight and, by their very nature, they are continuously fluid. Time, effort and motivation are needed in order to maintain a positive health and safety culture and you can be assured that ELAS will be with you every step of the way.

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