Fire Marshal And Fire Warden Training

Fire Safety

Are Your Fire Marshals Fully Trained?

Every business should have a designated Fire Marshal / Fire Warden. Here at ELAS, we provide either half-day or full day courses at our client’s sites as well as open public courses around the UK.

Half day courses

Suitable for anyone who is taking on the Fire Marshal / Fire Warden role in an office or production site which has relatively simple fire risks. Such sites might physically be large but have low ignition / spread risks and contain large storage or low risk areas.

Full day courses

These are designed for anyone who is taking on the Fire Marshal / Fire Warden role in a very large office or production site which has higher fire risks e.g. a large volume of chemicals on site.

Both our full day and half day courses are delivered on location. Each course covers the same broad syllabus with the full day course being more detailed. They include:

  • Fire behaviours, spread and development
  • Fire identification and extinguishers *includes practical experience of fire fighting using our fire simulation equipment
  • Means of escape
  • Fire management systems

Fire Marshal / Fire Warden training does not automatically expire on any set date, neither does it have any set duration of validity. Training should be repeated when there is reason to believe it is no longer meeting the employers’ needs. We recommend that Fire Marshal training is completed and refreshed every three years or so, combined with drills and other sessions.

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