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Employment Law

Safeguard your business with specialist employment law advice

“Employment tribunals have increased by 56% since 2009-2010, with the average award for unfair dismissal being £9,120. Despite proposed changes, this is unlikely to decrease”.

Avoid the risk of an employment tribunal through our wealth of expertise

When it comes to running a business there are enough demands on your valuable time without having to deal with ever-changing legislation which can often lead to threats from situations such as an employment tribunal. Our employment law services are delivered by an experienced team which includes employment lawyers, employment solicitors, advocates and HR professionals.

Seeking an employment law firm that can help?

Employment LawFor those looking for a cost effective way of meeting their employment compliance needs, here at ELAS we can deliver the perfect solution. This is delivered through guidance offered by our experienced employment lawyers. What’s more, all advice given is confirmed by email, and sent directly to you.

This feature is unique to ELAS and has been designed to prevent any misunderstandings as well as giving our clients total peace of mind. We take a purely bespoke approach to the provision of employment law services as we recognise that every company, irrespective of its size or the nature of its business, has very individual requirements.

Whatever your business needs, with ELAS you can be sure to receive a service that is designed to suit you.

Find out how to stay compliant with current legislation

Here at ELAS we pride ourselves in keeping you up to date with the latest changes in employment legislation within the UK, so all your documentation will ensure you remain completely compliant. When you speak to an employment lawyer, you can be sure they have the knowledge and experience required to protect your business, whether this is related to an employment tribunal or changes in UK legislation.

In the unlikely event of a bizarre decision being made at an employment tribunal, you can also rest assured that you will incur no additional expenditure.

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