The Bribery Act

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What Is The Bribery Act Course About?

Businesses may be surprised to learn that employers are legally responsible for any bribery carried out by their employees. This can result in an uncapped fine and up to 10 years imprisonment. That’s why, here at ELAS, we’ve developed the bribery act e-learning course to help educate your staff and protect your business.

Business leaders that fail to train or educate their workers about the bribery act are ultimately liable for any wrong-doing, which can have devastating consequences, including a blemished criminal record, financial ruin and untold reputational damage.

This is why ELAS has launched a comprehensive bribery act e-learning course to educate both employers and employees about the dangers of either offering or receiving a bribe.

The course aims to:

  • Help people recognise a bribe – which can take the form of money or be disguised as a gift.
  • Understand the consequences of accepting a bribe and how to react if they are approached.
  • The Bribery Act, its self, which applies to all business no matter what their size.

Landmark cases include one in 2008 in which a government official was sentenced to 12 months in jail for accepting corrupt payments totalling £83,000 from a UK security firm. However, a bribe could also encompass accepting a gift from a client.

The right training about the bribery act can help protect employers against the threat of a huge fine or imprisonment and it can also safeguard employees, who could be dismissed even if they accept a bribe unwittingly. We hope our course will help to bring peace of mind and understanding to what can be complex area of employment law.

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