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Our equality and discrimination course has been specifically created with you in mind. Aiming to protect you from uncapped fines; our online equality and discrimination course combines the fundamentals equality and discrimination the workplace, coupled with real life scenarios, giving you confidence in your employee’s ability to distinguish, manage and prevent acts of discrimination.

The equality and discrimination course specifically is designed for your employees and has been designed to:

  • Educate your employees on the consequences of flippant comments or off the cuff remarks
  • Protect you from huge fines
  • Save you time in employee inductions

Our expert consultants believe competent knowledge is essential in avoiding advertent or inadvertent acts of discrimination and the interactive.

The online equality and discrimination course makes paramount that your employees achieve a competent level of understanding, giving you the necessary confidence in your employee’s ability and providing reassurance that you have taken the necessary measures to educate your staff and meet best practice.

A recent discrimination case saw the largest award in the UK for a sex and race discrimination claim against a company, totalling almost £4.5 MILLION, including compensation for loss of earnings up to the individual’s retirement.

This demonstrates the importance of educating employees about equality and discrimination in the workplace and shows how a lack of understanding can have a damaging effect on business. ELAS want to protect you from uncapped fines by educating your employees, and our equality and discrimination course can do just that!

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