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Our Agricultural Safety Passport Proves Your Farm Is Safe!

Farm safety for workers has never had a higher profile than today, that’s why we introduced our agricultural safety passport course.

With an average of one death and up to 40 serious injuries every week, there are serious concerns regarding farm safety.

As health & safety specialists, we have worked together with farm owners to develop an online course designed to protect farm owners from uncapped fines and imprisonment.

How Does The Agricultural Safety Passport Protect Your Farm Then?

The course outwardly demonstrates that you are taking responsibility for the farm safety of your workers; providing you with a recognised defence if any claims are brought against you by the HSE.

The significance of this course has been recognised by RoSPA as a proactive way of demonstrating that you take farm safety seriously!

Knowing that your time is always at a premium, your farm workers can take the Agricultural Safety Passport course in under an hour and receive certification of completion.

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