Level 1 Fire Safety Course

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The CIEH accredited level 1 fire safety course provides delegates with essential knowledge about fire safety. The level 1 fire safety course will work to help employees understand how to prevent a fire from starting as well as what actions to take if a fire does break out.

Our CIEH approved level 1 fire safety course prepares all participants with the required knowledge to gain a CIEH accredited qualification in the fundamental aspects of fire safety. As this is an e-learning course, all participants are able to complete the course at a venue of your choosing, whether that is at home or in the workplace.

The CIEH accredited level 1 fire safety course includes a quick review to ensure optimum learning and covers the following subjects:

  • Main causes and effects of fires in the workplace.
  • Roles and responsibilities.
  • Procedures in the event of a fire.
  • Fire prevention measures.
  • Reporting fire safety issues.
  • Portable fire-fighting equipment.

Level 1 fire safety course assessment and certification

All delegates will be assessed through a multiple choice exam consisting of 30 questions. On passing, delegates will achieve a nationally recognised certification.

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